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Joshua Goodfellow
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
'Sup? The name's Shadow... got it memorized? *Shot*

I am a 23 year old gamer from England. I currently work at a supermarket, and I draw in my spare time.

Current Residence: England
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large. I like my clothes baggy, and I'm not the slimmest guy.
Favourite genre of music: Rock, J-Rock and J-Pop
Favourite style of art: Anime and Anthro
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch 4G 8GB
Favourite cartoon character: Waaaaaaaaaay too many to list
Personal Quote: *yawn*


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I do take point comissions, by the way!
Here is a step by step guide to how they work.
1. You send me a note with the idea.
2. If I don't like it, I'll say so and won't take it. If I do, we'll start bargaining and bartering over the points it'll cost.
3. We reach an eventual agreement, hopefully, and I'll give you a slot. This doesn't mean it'll get done though, so don't pay just yet.
4. I will either finish or drop the comission, depending on how much drive I have to do art and how long your comission has been waiting. If I have no drive and I feel it's been too long, it'll probably be dropped. If I finish it, I will tell you.
5. Before I upload it, however, HERE is the best part (For me): You pay. If you don't pay, it won't be uploaded, most likely.
6. You pay, it gets uploaded, everyone is happy. :3

I only do POINT comissions however, since I don't have my own bank account/paypal.

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    Donated Mar 13, 2013, 1:16:40 PM
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Deviant
    Donated Jan 20, 2011, 6:33:18 AM

SO HAVE A MEME STOLEN FROM :iconaustraliumsiren:!

[ ] You can run fast (I wish. I'm hopelessly out of shape.)
[ ] You're skinny (Again, I wish. *sigh*)
[ ] You like to defy gravity (I probably would love it if I could do it.)
[ ] You like baseball (Not really. I like rounders, which is close, but...)
[ ] You have a HUGE ego (HA. NOPE.)
[ ] You're a big fan of energy drinks. (Ehhhhh... I prefer carbonated beverages.)


[/] You often shout or speak with a raised voice and are prone to ranting to yourself or dead/inanimate objects (Sort of. Can't help the raised voice, it just comes naturally, but I don't do the ranting.)
[ ] You seek conflict whenever and wherever you can, and actively engage in it (Not intentionally. I like having a nice, quiet life.)
[ ] You'd rather soar through the sky than have functioning legs (...I like having functioning legs to be honest. You can't actually fly everywhere.)
[x] Others (or you) consider you slightly, if not completely, mad (I'm sure there are plenty of people who worry about my mental health.)
[/] You're a determined and confident person (Determined, yes. Confident, no.)
[ ] You feel you slip right into a leadership role, even if that's not exactly true... (Nah. I know that I'd do better following orders rather than giving them. Even if I have problems following orders if I feel there is a better way to do it.) 


[x] Nobody has any idea what the hell you're saying (LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT HOMESTUCK)
[x] You enjoy fire (It's pretty, what do you want from me?)
[x] You like to wait for the perfect chance to strike in certain situations (PRECISION STRIKE~)
[ ] You're mysterious (I would like to think so, but I doubt anyone would ever use that word to describe me.)
[ ] You'd rather be hot than cold, OR wear a hell of a lot of layers of clothing (no. i prefer cold.)
[ ] You like to turn things around and send them back to the person who started it, but a lot harder... (Eh. I like to argue back, sure, but that's pretty much the limit of what I do.)

[x] You feel that you're one of a kind... In a bad way (God broke the mould when he made me, and for good reason.)
[ ] You're prone to injuring yourself (Used to be, though.)
[ ] Your vision isn't fantastic (I wear glasses but my vision is pretty much fine.)
[ ] You have an odd mix of ancestries. (Scottish and English. Not that odd.) 
[ ] You have a 'come and get me' style of attitude towards the world, and everyone in it (More like a 'leave me the fuck alone' attitude towards most of the world.
[x] You have some bad habits (Uhh... doesn't everyone?)

[x] You're not very athletic (Understatement of the century.)
[ ] You're a bit on the heavy side (Amazingly, I'm just in the upper-half of the healthy weight range, I think.)
[ ] You're calm when you're alone, but when the sh*t hits the fan... You're a ragin' bear (It's pretty rare for me to get truly angry. I'm fine with that though. After all, the ones who get angry the least are the scariest.)
[/] You're bigger than most people you know (Eeehh... most of the people I know are girls, so naturally I am taller than most of them.)
[x] You don't like people touching your things! (do not touch my stuff. DO. NOT. TOUCH. MY STUFF. DON'T. TOUCH. STUFF. THAT. IS. MINE.)
[ ] You're tough, and can take a lot before you're in any trouble (Mentally, maybe. Physicially? Nope.)
TOTAL: 2.5

[x] You're intelligent (I'd like to think so.)
[ ] You like to design or draw things up (I like drawing, but it's more pictures than designs.)
[x] You'd rather have something done automatically than have to do it yourself (Well, sure, wouldn't everyone?)
[/] You'd cut off your own hand with a saw if it meant you could have a robotic one (I'd rather have it cut off for me. safely. while knocked out. in a hospital. but yeah i'd love a robotic hand.)
[ ] You make things (I don't think food and drink counts.)
[x] You enjoy messing with any kind of machine or technology (Yes. I love messing around with things. :3)
TOTAL: 3.5

[/] You're a sadist, and enjoy seeing people you don't like suffer (I think alot of people like watching people they DON'T like suffer. Doesn't make them a sadist, a sadist is just someone who likes inflicting pain on others and watching anyone suffer. I wouldn't inflict the pain on them myself.)
[/] You like to try new things, even if you're completely unsure they'll work or be safe, and are likely to harm yourself or others (if it's got a chance of harming others, no way. If just me, sure, why not?)
[x] You'd rather help out someone who is more competent in a situation than do it yourself and fail terribly (Pretty much.)
[x] You know how to treat injuries (I had an odd fascination with injuries and read alot of first-aid books when I was younger, and I also know how to perform CPR.)
[ ] You're incredibly useful to have around (I would doubt that.)
[/] You're not too great at fighting (Depends if I have a sword. I can wreck shit if I have a sword or a katana or a knife. otherwise....)
TOTAL: 3.5

[/] You like to be alone (Alot of the time, yes. I do like some company sometimes though.)
[ ] You're patient (Not really. Not if I'm just standing around waiting for someting to happen.
[x] You're quite accurate (You should see me with a bow. even though i suck with the Huntsman in-game.)
[x] You have good vision (Pretty much. My glasses are mostly to help my eyes focus.)
[x] You have standards (They might not be the highest, but I do have them.)
[ ] You aren't too close to your parents (I love my parents. Even if my dad is a dickhead alot of the time.(
TOTAL: 3.5

[ ] People don't trust you (I'd like to think that people trust me.)
[x] You'd rather be behind someone than in front of them. Interpret this however you want. (I'd rather someone else be in charge and me just following orders, I guess? Plus, being behind someone means you usually get less looks.)
[x] People never see you coming (huehuehue i can be sneaky~)
[ ] You often joke about sleeping with someones mother (eh. your mom jokes are old. Plus, Sniper doesn't make jokes about it... he does it.)
[/] You're quite good at impersonations (Depends on who I'm impersonating, really. I've been told I can do an evil laugh like Vincent Price, for example.)
[ ] You tend to stay away from fire (FIRE~!)
TOTAL: 2.5
So apparantly I'm a Medic/Engie/Sniper mix. So... I wield a Crusader Crossbow instead of a shotgun, and apart from that I'm a normal engie, maybe?
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Saviour of the Waking World - Homestuck
  • Reading: Mega Man Archie Comics
  • Watching: TheRunAwayGuys NSMB Wii LP
  • Playing: Project X Zone
  • Eating: Carrots and Salad Cream
  • Drinking: Pepsi Max

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Seeing your avatar always cheers me up. So I wanted to say thanks. =D
Shadow-da-Hedgie Feb 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, not as much of a compliment as my artwork cheering you up, espeacially since I didn't make the avatar... but don't get me wrong, I appreciate your thanks all the same. ^^
I like your art too. =D
Shadow-da-Hedgie Feb 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I hope you didn't look just because I mentioned it. And thanks, I know I'm not as good as some people on here, but I'm getting better, and I have fun doing it, and that's really all that matters. If you have fun doing it, then you should do it, right?
(1 Reply)
:iconhappyxplz: :iconsaysplz: Zero.... dancing!?
Shadow-da-Hedgie Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for watchalooing!
Shadow-da-Hedgie Jul 13, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No problem. ^^

alright then.
sweetkiesel1221 Jun 5, 2012
Hey, I went looking through the groups section the other day and I found this cool group that I'm taking part in. I thought you might like it, I know I'm participating and I think you should too! I put the link in my sig, check it out!
Shadow-da-Hedgie Jun 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
....And who are you? :\
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